Wood engraving offset from vinyl cutVinyl Cuts with Wood Engraving see New Work and Research


With recent prints, engraving and relief cuts are printed together using offsetting techniques.

Travel for strong natural light has inspsired prints from Morocco, Australia, the Yemen and Namibia - see prints of Australia

Engraving takes a long time and has engendered a practice of arranging still lives of things that won't wilt: plumb-lines, tools, drill bits and locks. See Locks and Tools

Sequential editions make Films and prints.
See Tabby Twenty Nines on YouTube. See how in Research.

Where to see the prints:


Bankside Gallery London.
The Victoria and Albert Museum London, the Art Gallery of NSW, the London Transport Museum, and the Museum of London have prints in their collections. The Ashmolean Museum Oxford has the largest holding of Edwina Ellis prints, with over 40 examples from all stages of her career, including the latest work. See Contacts.
lino cut and wood engraved printLino Cuts with Wood Engraving see Coins and Research
"colour wood engraving of outback Australia"Colour Wood Engravings: see Australia and London Transport Poster
Wood engraved animation frame from Tabby Twenty NinesSequential Prints make animation Frames: New Work or Film, and how in Research
Edwina Ellis wood engraving Arab LockBlack and white engravings on polymer: see Locks + Tools and Australia