Wood engraving and vinyl cut offset

Jag Round One

Small Editions of 3 Prints developed from Jag Rock Loop film frames. Exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013

Edwina Ellis vinyl cut with offset engraving

Alberslines Nine no 7

Variable: 9 Prints, 5 Variation
Alberslines Nine is a variable edition. Below is a small edition from the same Alberslines vinyl cuts, printed from an offset engraved block.
Edwina Ellis wood engraving with offset vinyl cut

Albers Aftermesh

Edition of 6 Prints





New Editing Strategies for New Prints.

Proofing sessions involving offsets often produce two viable prints at once - that run in opposite directions. Research shows why it is dementing.

Both Jag Round Double Prints were in Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013

Jag Round One and Jag Round Too are prints from two different surfaces. The imagery in Jag Rounds One on the left was offset from vinyl cuts onto engraved blocks. All four print passes are from the same engraved block. The similar imagery in Jag Round Too on the right has been printed onto the vinyl cuts from various engraved blocks. The prints were developed from an experimental series that formed film frames for Jag Rock Loop

Averages prices:
Smaller prints £190 - £240
Large Double Prints £390 - £670
Film-Frame Prints £120.00

Edwina Ellis engraving for film Tabby Twenty Nines no 12

Variable: 29 Prints, 12 Variations.

Sequential Editions: Tabby Rounds

Tabby Twenty Nines are 29 variable prints configured from exploratory work later made into a film. Two of the variations are in the Ashmolean collection.

film frame sequential prints

Tabby 29s: Red Black Backswing

Film Frame Sequence of 5 prints from Tabby 29s

Some of the original Film Frames proofs are kept in sequences. Two examples are on the Film page, including the 5 prints of Red Black Backswing above.

Edwina Ellis wood engraving and vynil cut

Jag Rounds Too

Edition of 7 Prints developed from jag Rock Loop film frames. Exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013


Edwina Ellis linocut and engraving:  Double CrosspatchDouble Crosspatch. Edition of 6 prints

Double Crosspatch linocuts are offset with engraved blocks. Offset prints from these blocks were later used to make Crosspatch Aftermath below, currently in the 2012-13 SWE exhibition. See link in Contact.

Edwina Ellis engravings offset with linocuts

Crosspatch Aftermath

Edition of 6 small Prints