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Royal Painter-Printmakers: Fellow since 1986
Society of Wood Engravers: member since 1984.
Modern British Wood Engraving: Vimeo trailer for DVD by Tin Films
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013: 10th June to 18th August.

London Transport Museum: artwork for London Transport Poster.
Museum of London: 9 colour wood engravings from the TFL poster.

Ashmolean Museum: over 40 Edwina Ellis prints are in the collection.
Victoria and Albert Museum: suite of 5 engravings & a set of jam labels.
Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge: five black and white engravings.
Art Gallery of NSW: One black and white engraving

Planned Spontaneity: pdf on Cadair: Fine Art Practice PhD thesis from Aberystwyth University School of Art: Edwina Ellis is a visiting lecturer.
Tabby Tweny Nines: YouTube wood-engraved animation.